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24 March 2017 by Natanja

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    I’m super excited to share with you today how I DIYed my desk and how I keep it organized. This has been a long planned out idea, which took quite some time to do. Finding the right storage solutions within the drawers was a bit tedious and getting it organized to the point where I was satisfied was another project for itself. But after completely changing the look of this desk I am happy to present it today.

    Would you believe me if I told you that I got this desk for free? I actually found it online in a very used and rough condition. The former owner used it as a sowing table and the surface was completely scratched and discolored, thus the 0$ price. But a desk like that was exactly what I was looking for! I had a vision for the desk and was very excited to transform it into something beautiful.

    And so the project began. I bought gold spray paint and marble contact paper with gold accents at my local hardware store. I spray painted the side and as well as the handles (I had two lying around at home which I used) gold. I had to do multiple layers because I was too stubborn to use a primer. Why make it easy if it can be difficult, right?

    I (ok actually it was my husband and my mom) covered the desk with the contact paper, making sure to get out any bubbles. My role was to loudly and franticly point out any air bubbles I saw….now you know why they didn’t let me help. Then all that was left to do was to install the handles and the table looked like new.

    Desk Organization Image

    After measuring out the drawers and finding fitting acrylic inserts on Amazon I could finally organize my desk. Since my desk is my workplace AND my vanity area, I decided to use one drawer for make up and the other drawer for office supplies. It worked out well since I do not own a crazy amount of either.

    Make Up ↑ 

    Office Supplies ↓

    I wanted to give the desk and the drawers a clean and crisp feel. In order to achieve that, I used clear inserts and didn’t overcrowd the surface with various items. I stuck to those items that bring me joy and motivate me, such as the hydrangeas and a wonderful scented body mist. Another trick is to stick to a certain color scheme. I wouldn’t do more than 3 colors or else the desk can end up looking very busy.

    While the visual appearance mattered a lot to me, I also wanted my desk to be functional. I wanted enough space on the surface for things I use daily like my calendar and a jug of water. In order to keep my surface clear of excessive stuff, I keep a box close to my desk where I store additional office supplies that I don’t use that often. This way my desk doesn’t get cluttered and everything has a place.

    These are just some ideas and tips on how to create a lovely desk and keep it organized. If you found this helpful or have any tips of your own, leave me a comment down below.







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    1. Jolina on 24. March 2017 at 13:48

      What a lovely work area! If I could only send you a picture of mine, I think you’d get on a plane just to help me organize it lol! It drives Yvette nuts too. And yeah, that desk is a steal. You’d never guess what it was before.

      • Natanja on 25. March 2017 at 9:48

        Don’t worry, I’m taking the next flight! I’ll be right over (in 10 hours or so…depending on how fast the pilot flys). Yvette can thank me later 😉

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