Minion Cupcakes

23 September 2016 by Natanja

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  • Perfect for a children’s birthday party (or an aged Minion fan) these adorable Minion cupcakes will delight any guest.

    Minion Cupcakes on a white cupcake stand

    The Minions are probably the most famous children’s cake and cupcakes toppers at the moment (beside Elsa from Frozen) and are without a doubt the funniest characters created by Universal. I wanted to portray the Minions with all the multiple face expressions they make in the movies and I think they turned out quite well. What do you think?

    Minion Cupcakes beside a birthday banner.

    I made these for a boy who was turning 10 and is a big fan of the Minions (aren’t we all?). I had a lot of fun making them! While the design looks a bit intimidating at first, I can promise you that these aren’t as difficult as they look. You basically need to be good at one thing- cutting out circles. 

    You will need the following equipment:

    Minion Cupcakes on a white cupcake stand

    Now let’s get started. Begin by frosting your cupcakes so that the fondant will have something to stick to. Then roll out the yellow fondant in a fondant mat (this will prevent the fondant from sticking or drying too quickly) and cut out circles with a cookie cutter. Place onto the frosted cupcakes, gently pressing the fondant onto the frosting.

    Rolling out yellow fondant for Minion cupcakes

    In order to make the goggles and eyes, color a part of the white fondant with a bit of black and blue food coloring and knead until you have the desired color. Then roll it out in the fondant mat and use the bottom of the large tip to cut out two circles for the goggles.

    Roll out the rest of the white fondant and cut out circles with the bottom of the smaller tip for the eyeballs. Stick the white circles onto the larger blue circles by brushing the blue circles with a bit of water. Then press chocolate chips into the white circles as pupils. 

    Tools needed for Minion cupcakes

    Now you only need to cut out the straps of the goggles with some blue fondant. I free-handed this part. Stick the straps onto the cupcakes (again brushing the bottom with a bit of water so it adheres) and then stick the eyes onto the cupcakes.

    Moving on to the fun part- drawing facial expressions onto your cupcakes. Use the black food pen to draw whatever silly facial expressions come to mind onto your cupcakes.

    P.S. If you are wondering how I did the ”10” cupcake -I just free-handed it. I cut out the desired shapes with a small knife. 

    And that’s all. It does take a while to complete the faces of all the cupcakes but if you have an audio book or music running in the background the times passes by quite fast.

    Happy Baking! 

    Minion Cupcakes on a white cupcake stand

    these are easier to make than you might think!





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    1. Jolina on 23. September 2016 at 17:40

      OMG these are the cutest cupcakes ever! What a lucky birthday boy 🙂 Great tutorial too. (And yes, Minions are great – banana!)

      • Natanja on 26. September 2016 at 17:25

        Hahaa yes BANANA!

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