Autumn Decor Ideas

18 September 2022 by Natanja

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  • Simple ways to bring falls vibes into your home. Try these simple autumn decor ideas for a cozy mood.

    Autumn decor in white kitchen

    After a little fall haul – that you can watch here -, I finally had enough decor (and motivation) to bring some festive cheer into my home. Since my preferred style is DIY meets minimalism, I added a few simple touches here and there that made the home cozier, without going overboard. When it comes to decor, I always go for natural materials such as wood, linen, stone or dried greenery/flowers, as these make my living space feel serene. So without further ado, here is my fall decor for 2022.

    Pumpkin figure covered with fairy lights

    String lights, especially fairy lights, add a cozy atmosphere on autumn nights (or gloomy, dark days). You can hide the battery pack behind decor items.

    Wooden pumpkin serving tray next to a candle

    Pumpkin shaped cookware is a great way to bring fall into your kitchen if your space is limited. I love this little pumpkin-shaped serving board, that is functional but adds a festive look.

    Autumn decor on coffee table with natural materials

    Decorating with natural materials, such as ornamental grass, is a beautiful yet minimalistic way to add fall vibes. If you enjoy DIYing, give these DIY ornamental grass candles a try.

    Small autumn wreath above stove

    A wreath above the stove or the door is a true classic, however you don’t have to always have to go for a round one. I opted for this smaller one and love how it breaks up all the white of the upper cabinets.

    Pumpkin shaped buns on glass cake stand

    Instead of keeping your fall treats and baked goods stored away, why not display them on your kitchen counter and have them double as decor?

    Autumn pillows on blue sofa

    Pillows and blankets will not only elevate the look of your sofa, they’ll also keep you warm and comfortable for evenings on your couch. While you can opt for or autumnal patterns, a few touches of orange and warm colors can already have a big impact.

    Lighting a candle for a cozy fall mood

    Lastly lighting a candle will really bring out that comfy cozy atmosphere. Whether you prefer scented or non-scented, candles are always a good option.


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