DIY Ornamental Grass Candles

10 November 2021 by Natanja

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  • Simple, beautiful and inexpensive – these DIY ornamental grass candles require minimal materials and are incredibly easy to make.

    Three DIY ornamental grass candles on a marble board

    If you have been on Pinterest lately (and I’m just going to assume you have) then you’ll have probably seen a tutorial or two for DIY pressed flower candles. They have been all the rage this summer and it seems every DIY blogger has created their own version. Like always, I have been a little late to the party.

    Now that we are well in the fall season, I wanted to create a version that would reflect this time of year. Enter ornamental grass (aka the one décor item, you can find in every boho-style bedroom…ahem, like mine). This inexpensive and yet highly decorative grass looks gorgeous displayed in a vase by itself or can be used for a multitude of DIYs. 

    There are various types of ornamental grass, ranging from green to golden and even purple or red. Feel free to use whatever variety you prefer for this DIY. You can also use a combination of ornamental grass with dried flowers or other types of greenery, such as I did for the square candle. When it comes to color selection, do keep in mind that the colors will start to fade a bit over the course of time. 

    Drying herbs and ornamental grass in a book

    How to Dry Ornamental Grass and Flowers

    The easiest way to dry your plants is to place them in a large book, in between sheets of paper towels, to prevent your pages from getting stained. Then place a heavy object on top of the book. Let the plants dry for a few days until they are completely dehydrated. (The exact duration depends on the type of plant and its moisture content.)

    Make sure to only use plants that are thoroughly dry. If you are picking them yourself, pick them on a dry day. Before bringing them into your home, shake them gently a few times to get out any insects that are nesting inside. This will give the insects a chance to escape, and your home won’t be filled with little bugs.

    A square candle with pressed flowers and ornamental grass on a wooden plate

    If you do not have the opportunity to harvest plants yourself or simply don’t wish to, you can also buy them at the florist. 

    Bonus tip: Did you know that you can also get dried flowers at the florist? Even if they don’t have any out on display, ask them if they have some in the back. Florist will almost always have something on hand for bouquets and other floral arrangements and might be willing to sell it to you. 

    How to adhere ornamental grass to candles

    I experimented with different techniques on how to stick my plants on to the candles. I tried using translucent wax from another candle to paint on the greenery to the candle. That didn’t work well at all. The wax was quite visible, and the grass and flowers looked faded. Then I tried the hot iron method, and it was a clear winner. By indirectly melting a bit of the top layer, it causes the plants to stick to the candle. It’s important to keep a clean sheet of parchment paper on top, to protect the greenery.

    A small DIY dried ornamental grass candle

    How long can I store ornamental grass candles

    The colors of the greenery will start to fade over the course of several weeks. If you are going to gift the candles, I suggest making them shortly before, so they’ll retain their colors as long as possible. Be sure to keep the candles away from direct sunlight, as this will fade the colors a lot quicker. 

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    A small DIY dried ornamental grass candle

    DIY Ornamental Grass Candles


    Simple, beautiful and inexpensive – these DIY ornamental grass candles require minimal materials and are incredibly easy to make.


    • candles of choice
    • dried ornamental grass and/or flowers of choice*
    • scissors
    • parchment paper
    • iron
    • yarn
    • hot glue gun


    1. Position your dried greenery onto the candle. Carefully lay a piece of parchment on top.
    2. Run the hot iron over the parchment paper to melt the wax underneath.
    3. Once your greenery has adhered to the candles, slowly peel off the parchment paper. (Make sure to always use a fresh piece of parchment paper when continuing with the other candles, to avoid getting wax onto the greenery.)
    4. Wrap the yarn around the bottom of the candles several times, cut and fasten the end with a dab of hot glue.


    *See tips in text above on how to dry plants

    Never leave burning candles unattended.

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