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31 October 2018 by Natanja

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  • A tufted velvet bed in dark grey with grey and white bedding.

    Finally the big reveal is here! I have been working on the master bedroom since we moved in, which was well over a year ago. Due to shipping issues, the whole process took way longer than anticipated, which is all the more reason I am so thankful to bring this project to a close! But more to that later. Without further ado, I am happy to present the finished master bedroom.

    After visiting the apartment for the first time and seeing the gorgeous dark stone tiles, I immediately knew I wanted to do a white, grey and dark blue color palate for the master bedroom. The black floor tiles fit perfectly with the theme I had in mind which was elegant with a hint of glamor. Since the bedroom in our last apartment looked completely different (whites and beiges, overall feminine and neutral) we needed to get new furniture to create a bolder color palate. Painting the walls was out of question since we are renting for an indefinite amount of time and didn’t want to deal with the scenario of repainting when moving out again. We were also limited with the space since the room isn’t all that big and had to fit in a large closet.

    A reflection of a velvet bed in the mirror
    Because the room is so small, the large bed with the tall tufted headboard immediately becomes the focal point. The headboard stretches out halfway to the ceiling, creating a comfy backrest for late night reading or movie sessions. While I was a bit skeptical about the practicality of a velvet bed (especially with our very playful kitten, Joey) I haven’t regretted it since. We do have some fine scratches in the headboard from the time that it took to train her not to climb on it like a monkey but you can only see them if you look very closely. Overall I love the luxurious feel of the velvet and how dramatic the headboard looks. The bed is from a Swiss furniture company. I don’t recommend them since we had immense shipping issues and waited almost 1/2 year for the bed to arrive!

    A silver kitten on a black sheepskin rug.

    For the bedsheets I went with Ikea white and grey cotton bedsheets. While they are 100% cotton, they feel almost like satin as they are very silky. The two large pillows in the back are from Zara home as well as the pillow covers. I personally like to iron the bedsheets for a neat and clean look. However, after sleeping in the sheets for a night, they lose that sleek look pretty quickly. To smooth out the covers and get that freshly made bed look again I have a great trick.

    Fill a spray bottle with water and lightly spray onto the wrinkled bedsheets. Smooth out the wrinkles by gently brushing them out with your hands. This trick works wonders and makes a huge difference. See for yourself.

    From this. ↓

    Wrinkled white and grey sheets.

    Wrinkle free white and grey sheets.

    To this. ↑

    To go along with the velvet style of the bed I bought dark blue velvet curtains at Ikea. They are thick black out curtains that completely shut out the sunlight when closed which is great for days when we want to sleep in.

    Blue velvet curtains next to a mirror night stand.

    The mirror night stands are from a British company and were shipped from England. It took a long time, but it was worth the wait. I love the elegant design and how they are just the right size. I often get asked whether or not the mirror finish is unpractical since you see all the fingerprints. I honestly don’t find the finish to be any less practical than dark wood. You do see fingerprints after a while but since you typically don’t touch the nightstands too much, they stay rather clean.

    A mirror nightstand with a picture frame on top.

    I was very particular about the details of the room. I wanted the colours to work together seamlessly. I went for silver doorhandles on the closet to compliment the greys and blacks.

    Silver handles with a blue curtain in the background

    One of my favourite parts about the room is the fluffy black sheepskin rug beside the bed. I love the feel of it when I get out of bed in the morning and it’s the first thing my feet touch.

    A black sheepskin rug.

    The room also occupies my vanity area which is the place where I like to get ready in the morning and do my make up and hair. While we don’t always get much light in the bedroom, depending on how sunny a day it is, it’s a far better place to do my make up than in the bathroom with artificial lighting.

    White vanity area next to a large plant.

    A scented candle on top of a mirror night stand.

    I kept the decor items rather minimal and neutral in colour to stay with the elegant theme. Due to the size of the room, I didn’t want it to look cluttered which is why I didn’t overload it with decor. I keep a max of 3 items on my nightstand, one of them being a picture of our wedding that I framed. The inside of the nightstand is where everything else is hidden, such as my beloved diy lavender linen spray which helps me fall asleep faster.

    A silver kitten half hidden underneath a velvet bed.

    I hoped you liked my master bedroom tour. Leave me comment, telling me what colors you used for your bedroom. I’d love to know!

    Bonne nuit! ✨


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