DIY chamomile body oil

10 February 2022 by Natanja

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  • Making your own DIY chamomile body oil isn’t only easy, it’s also a lot more affordable than store-bought. You only need 4 ingredients!

    Dried chamomile flowers next to a jar of almond oil

    Wintertime is an especially tough time for our skin. The cold, as well as the dry air from the heating put it to the test. Cracked, flaky and itchy skin can often be the result. This is not only annoying, it can be quite uncomfortable too! To give our skin some extra nourishment during this particularly difficult season, I want to share a recipe for an infused body oil that you can easily make at home and that will calm your irritated skin.


    Chamomile is known for having soothing qualities and is a great herb to use right before bedtime. It works wonders for battling a cold, when brewed into a tea, but is also a great addition in skincare. Chamomile can help with eczema and mild inflammatory skin conditions, which makes it the perfect herb for a nourishing body oil. It can also help relive menstrual cramps when the oil is massaged onto the lower abdomen.

    Pouring almond oil over dried chamomile flowers

    What oils to use for infusing

    I used almond oil for my DIY chamomile oil but you can use whatever high quality oil you’d like such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil,… I do not recommend virgin coconut oil for infusing. The type of oil will also mildly affect the shelf life of your infused oil. Nut oils tend to have a shorter shelf life than olive oil for example. However, the shelf life of your infused oil also depends on other factors and there is always the possibility of it going rancid or growing mold, no matter the type of oil you use.

    Cold infusion vs warm infusion

    There are two different ways you can infuse your oil and both have their benefits. The cold method – and by that, I mean room temperature – is a slower extraction and is great for more sensitive types of herbs. Warm infusion on the other hand, is great for extracting minerals and enzymes from more dense materials, such as roots or sturdier herbs, like rosemary. The cold method takes about 4-6 weeks, depending on your preferred intensity, versus the warm method only a few hours.

    DIY Chamomile Body Oil in an upcycled jar

    How long can I store my DIY infused chamomile oil

    Your DIY oil will last anywhere from 6 months to 1 year. The vitamin E oil helps to prolong the time before the carrier oil goes rancid. Do check your DIY body oil before each use and give it a smell test to ensure it hasn’t gone rancid or has any mold growth. If your stored oil exhibits any change in color, scent or clarity it should be discarded.

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    DIY Chamomile Body Oil in an upcycled jar

    DIY chamomile body oil

    • Total Time: 5 minutes
    • Yield: 1 jar 1x


    Making your own DIY chamomile body oil isn’t only easy, it’s also a lot more affordable than store-bought. You only need 4 ingredients!


    • vodka or other high proof alcohol for sterilizing
    • 20 g dried chamomile flowers (2/3 cups)
    • 1 teaspoon vitamin E oil
    • 250 ml almond oil (1 cup and 2 teaspoons)
    • 1x 400 ml airtight glass jar (13.5 oz)


    1. Wipe your glass jar and any utensils that you are using with vodka to sterilize them.
    2. Place your chamomile flowers into your glass jar and add the vitamin E oil as well as the almond oil. Make sure the chamomile flowers are all covered with oil and you are leaving a bit of a rim (the mixture will expand as it infuses).
    3. Stir with the handle of a spoon (make sure to sterilize it before) to remove any air bubbles and ensure all buds are submerged in the oil.
    4. Close and store in a dark dry place, e.g. a cupboard. Make sure to gently shake your infused oil daily in the first week and then every once in a while and let it infuse for a total of 4-6 weeks. 
    5. After it has infused, strain out the chamomile with a cheesecloth or fine mesh sieve and store the oil in a fresh clean glass jar.


    Check your DIY body oil before each use for any mold growth and give it a smell test to ensure it hasn’t gone rancid.

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