Eggnog Truffles

19 October 2016 by Natanja

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  • Creamy eggnog and rich white chocolate combine to create these wonderful truffles.  Simply a dream come true.

    Rich white chocolate meets creamy eggnog- a match made in heaven

    Christmas is approaching faster than ever and I wanted to make something fitting the season. I love this time of year as there are so many things you can create in your kitchen..starting off with some fancy truffles. Truffles might be a bit of a delicate story, but they are definitely worth the effort!

    If you have already made truffles before, especially truffles using hollow capsules, you can skip this in-depth description and go right to the recipe. However, if you are new to this, or have never worked with ready-made shells, don’t worry, I will guide you through this step-by-step.

    How to work with capsules

    Lets start off with our capsules. I made a shortcut by buying these at the store, you can of course make them yourself if you’d like. This is a set consisting of 63x white chocolate round capsules. I love the ones from Zenker as the quality is really good. Keep them in the box for optimal and mess free filling.

    Rich white chocolate meets creamy eggnog- a match made in heaven

    After you have made the ganache (filling), you want to chill it in the fridge for at least 6h. Then fill your piping bag. I always sculpt the piping bag over a glass, making it easier to fill. 

    Filling the truffles

    Once you’ve done that, push the content of the bag downward as to prevent it from spilling out on the top. Then start filling your capsules. Make sure to leave a rim and not fill them up completely, like this:


    Let it set. While it sets, melt your white chocolate. I used an electric chocolate melter. Then dip a bit of white chocolate onto the hole of the capsules to seal the filling in. I found this works easiest with a small spoon. Make sure to seal the hole completely so no filling can escape during the next step.


    Let it set again in a cold place until firm. Then quickly dip each truffles into the chocolate with a fork. Pat the fork against the rim of the pot to remove any excess and to get a smooth round shape. Make sure you always have enough chocolate in the pot to make things easier. Place them on a prepared baking sheet with the hole facing down. Add a sugar snowflake (or deco of your choice) and let cool completely.


    And viola, you have beautiful eggnog truffles! Enjoy them with a glass of eggnog and have a boozy holiday 😉


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    Eggnog Truffles

    • Total Time: 120
    • Yield: 34 1x


    Rich, creamy, boozy eggnog truffles


    • 400g of white couverture
    • 130ml eggnog
    • 50g butter
    • 300g white couverture
    • 34 white chocolate capsules
    • edible decor snowflakes (optional)


    1. Chop 150g of couverture into small pieces and put into a heat-proof bowl.
    2. In a small saucepan, heat the eggnog until it boils and stir in the butter until melted. Then pour the hot mixture over the chopped couverture and stir until no clumps remain.
    3. Chill for a minimum of 4h.
    4. After chilled, beat it with an electric hand-mixer until light and fluffy.
    5. Fill it into a piping bag fitted with a Wilton 4 round tip.
    6. Pipe the filling into the capsules, leaving a rim on the top and let it set (preferably in a cool place).
    7. Next melt the rest of the white chocolate in an electric chocolate melter or over a double boiler.
    8. With a teaspoon, close the openings of the capsules with a dab of couverture. Let them set in a cold place.
    9. Finally dip each capsule into the melted couverture (making sure to work fast and not leaving them in the melted couverture too long). Before the chocolate cools, decorate each truffle with an edible snowflake, if desired.
    10. Let them cool completely until firm.


    • Store these truffles in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 weeks.


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