5 Ways to Embrace Spring

03 April 2018 by Natanja

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  • Spring is here! Can you hear the chirping birds and smell the fresh spring air? It’s time to rise out of winter’s slumber and embrace the new season that is upon us. For some reason, most people are more motivated during springtime. So now is the time to channel that energy into new beginnings and projects.

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    Fresh Flowers

    The simplest way to let spring into your home is to bring some fresh-cut flowers into your house. So next time you are at the grocery store, pick up some tulips, daffodils or roses. (I always find myself reaching for whites and pastel colors during this time of the year.) Display them in the hallway or on your kitchen counter where you will see them most often. It will make your home feel fresher and nicer immediately.

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    Spring Cleaning

    Want to really get in the spirit of things? Grab those disposable gloves and let’s get crackin’! If spring cleaning your entire house seems like a daunting task, chose the rooms you think need a deep clean the most and focus on those. Make a lists of things you wish to clean in each room. After every task you can tick off that item on your list and feel the joy of getting things accomplishment. Planning on spring cleaning your kitchen? Read this!

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    Get Organized

    Did you ever feel overwhelmed by the clutter surrounding you? I think we have all been in the position where we have let our mess take the upper hand. We all have that one closet or maybe even a whole room that isn’t organised. In our home, it’s that junk drawer in our kitchen. Currently it has been renamed to ‘the shame drawer’. However, finding that motivation to tackle whatever is taking over in your home, may it be unsorted papers or a chaotic closet, is so worthwhile. Not only will your environment feel more calm, YOU will feel more calm.

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    Start a Gardening Project

    Whether you have a garden, small terrace or balcony, you can start your own gardening project this spring. Has it always been your dream to grow your own tomatoes? Buy a big pot and pick up a young tomato plant from a nursery near you. Or if you have more space available, start your own seeds on the window seal and transfer them outside after the last frost. Growing your own food is not only environmental friendly it’s also incredibly rewarding.

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    Get Motivated

    So we all have had a few too many Christmas cookies during the winter time and spent a few too many hours on the cozy sofa while it was snowing outside. And that’s totally fine. I always think of winter as a month of taking it easy and being kind to yourself. If that also includes gaining a kilo, I’m okay with it. Spring however, is a great time to get motivated and get moving. Whether you like to do pilates, run or go swimming, now is the best time to start again.

    How do you embrace spring? Do you have any other tips that should be on this list? Let me know in the comment section down below!



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