Homemade Peanut Butter

31 January 2016 by Natanja

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  • Making your own peanut butter is incredibly easy and fun! If you’re still buying it from the store, go ahead and take 5min of your time and try this recipe. Only 2 ingredients required!

    A jar of homemade peanut butter next to an apple slice drizzled with peanut butter.

    If you’re still not convinced, here are 5 reasons to make peanut butter yourself:

    1). You can be sure what’s inside – namely 2 ingredients!

    2). It’s healthy.

    3). You’ll save money.

    4). You can customize it and add any flavors you want (vanilla, maple syrup, cinnamon, chocolate,…you can really get creative!)

    5). It tastes incredibly good!

    My family loves peanut butter and for me it is a cherished childhood memory. Coming home from school and eating a PB & J sandwich is something I’ll never forget. Yet the store-bought version is quite expensive in my country, as it is imported from the US and the glasses are ridiculously small. Not to mention the health aspects, as it is filled with sugar, trans fats and preservatives. So let us say goodbye to all those cons and welcome healthy homemade pb into our lives.

    A jar of peanut butter on a purple background next to shelled peanuts.

    The most important factor when making your homemade peanut butter is your blender. You need one with a powerful motor to churn those peanuts into a smooth liquid. A cheap one with a weak motor will not get the job done and you will be left with peanut flour instead of butter. I use my Vitamix and it got the job done superbly. Whichever blender or food processor you use, it is important to work with roasted peanuts as this eases the process for the machine. Roasted nuts release their oils faster and your machine will not overheat unless you leave it on too long.

    Making the peanut butter is so simple I almost feel a bit silly writing it out for you. You add the peanuts and oil to your machine. You start on low speed, stopping every once and then to scrape down the contents from the sides and as soon as the peanuts look like the first image, you increase the speed to high and leave it running for about 2 min, until you reach something like the picture on the bottom.

    Roasted peanuts inside the Vitamix
    Peanut butter inside the Vitamix.

     Its as simple as that. The machine does all the hard work and in less than 5 min you can enjoy your own homemade peanut butter.

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    Homemade Peanut Butter

    Peanut Butter

    • Total Time: 5 minutes
    • Yield: 1 cup 1x


    Simple, delicious homemade peanut butter


    • 500g roasted, salted peanuts (1.1lb)
    • 60ml neutral oil, such as sunflower, canola or peanut oil (1/4 cup)
    • 12 tablespoons honey, optional 


    1. To a blender or food processor add the peanuts, oil and honey.
    2. Turn speed on to low for about a minute until the peanuts start breaking down
    3. Increase the speed to high for about 3 minutes until no clumps or fine grains remain. 
    4. Fill into a clean glass jar and store in the fridge.


    Store for up to 1 and 1/2 months in the fridge.

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    Creamy peanut butter topped off with fresh peanuts




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