DIY Frosted Candle Jars

19 November 2019 by Natanja

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  • Incredibly easy and gorgeous DIY frosted candle jars made with epsom salt.

    DIY Frosted Candle Jars with epsom salt, decorated with holly and purple ribbon

    If you are a regular to this blog, you’ll know that I’m all about easy and straight-forward DIYs. A 35-step tutorial on how to crochet your own sweater? Not something you’ll find on my blog! But a 4-step tutorial on how to make your own beautiful frosted candle jars? Now that’s right up my alley (and hopefully yours too!). If you are looking for a quick DIY to make your home feel more Christmassy, try these homemade Epsom salt candle jars.

    DIY frosted candle jar with epsom salt, decorated with holly and white ribbon

    Today’s DIY isn’t just fun to make, it’s also a great way to up-cycle those empty glass jars you may have lying around in your home. I’m certainly an avid collector of empty jam jars, empty IKEA candle jars,.. and had a bunch lying around that I was happy to put to use. But if not, you can also buy a couple of simple glass jars at a dollar or craft store, which aren’t very expensive. For the greenery you can shop your own garden, or find branches from evergreens outside your home if you’d like. If you want something specific you can also check your local florist and ask for some cutoffs they might give away for less. 

    The first time I made these candle jars, which was about 2 years ago, I even managed to snag some greenery from a Christmas market. It was the last day of the market and a beautifully decorated booth caught my eye. Its roof was decorated with fresh holly, with bright red berries. I walked up to the owner and asked him if he might give me a little bit of the greenery. He was happy to do so and I walked home with a bunch of beautiful fresh holly that I used for my DIY candles. So what I’m trying to say is, don’t be afraid to ask for freebies when it comes to your DIY projects. 🙂 It’s also how I ended up with this beautiful flower bouquet I used for my Mother’s Day brunch

    But enough with the stories, let’s begin our DIY frosted candle jar tutorial!

    For todays tutorial you’ll be needing the following items:

    Let’s begin! 

    Ingredients for the diy frosted candle jars on a white surface

    To make your DIY frosted candle jars, paint a layer of glue onto the outside of the jar. It’s important to be thorough so the Epsom salt can really stick to all sides well and you won’t end up with any holes.

    Painting glue onto the DIY frosted candle jars

    Fill the Epsom salt into a large bowl and dip the glass jars into the Epsom salt, pressing the jars into the salt. Repeat as needed, so that all sides are coated evenly. 

    Dipping the DIY frosted candle jars in epsom salt

    Lightly spray with a clear acrylic sealer to prevent the Epsom salt from crumbling off.

    Spraying the DIY frosted candle jars with aerosol glue

    Decorate with greenery and decor of your choice and tie unto the candle jars with ribbon. Then add lite tea candles and enjoy your beautiful DIY frosted candle jars! Or gift them to friends and family.

    DIY frosted candle jar with a lit tea candle


    The DIY frosted candle jars will stay fresh for about 1-2 weeks. After that, the greenery will dry out and the Epsom salt will also become dry and a bit flaky. It’s best to make these fresh, shortly before the event you’d like to use them for. 


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    1. Cyna on 13. December 2019 at 18:30

      What a lovely project, Natanja! Using Epsom slat is such a clever idea.

      • Natanja on 15. December 2019 at 16:28

        Thanks Cyna! 🙂

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