DIY Speckled Eggs

11 April 2017 by Natanja

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  • Dress up your Easter table with these elegant gold speckled eggs that are incredibly easy to make.

    DIY Speckled Eggs

    Easter is coming up, but all I can think about is our move to Switzerland. We are still dreaming of living in Canada but since there were complications with my husband doing his residency there we decided to move to Switzerland instead for the next 6 years. The past weeks have been spent with applying to hundreds of hospitals and looking for real estate nearby. As of now, I am 70% excited and 30% exhausted.

    DIY Speckled Eggs

    Everybody knows that moving is stressful and there are a ton of things to remember and consider. Which items am I selling, what is coming with- what am I allowed to take with…there are a hundred thoughts in my head and it isn’t easy to sort them. I definitely want to start a binder with all my to-dos, lists of items to take with/sell, and most importantly a list of deadlines. That will hopefully be my way back to sanity 😉

    DIY Speckled Eggs

    Since this is our last Easter with our families I didn’t want the event to get drowned beneath all our to-dos. After all, I love family traditions and certainly won’t break the tradition of dyeing Easter eggs! I bake a lot and thus already had the necessary colors at home and all that was left to do was buy some eggs. Which was the most difficult part of all this, since none of the grocery stores I went to sold white eggs. Yes I am not kidding, it’s a week before Easter and I seriously couldn’t find white eggs in the grocery stores! At last I gave up and bought the lightest shade of brown eggs and hoped for the best.

    DIY Speckled Eggs

    I only used one color for all the eggs- Wilton Royal Blue. To get different shades, I simply left some eggs in the solution longer and others shorter. It worked well and I got all different kinds of shades. To achieve a speckled effect I used a paint brush and splattered gold paint onto the eggs and let it dry. Once dried you can present them on a nice plate. By the way, this project, short as it is, is perfect for those last-minute kind of people. Wave if you feel included in that 🙂

    DIY Speckled Eggs

    These also make great gifts that you can either give separately or put into an Easter gift basket.

    Happy Easter!


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    Diy Speckled Easter Eggs

    • Total Time: 15



    1. Fill 3 (or more) glasses with water and add the desired amount of blue food color to the water. Eg light, medium and dark.
    2. Let the eggs soak in the solution and remove after they have reached the desired shade. Immediately roll them on two sheets of paper towels, from side to side, until they have dried.
    3. Let them dry completely, then using a small paintbrush splatter them with gold paint and let them dry once more.


    • Store in the refrigerator or at room temperature, depending on your country’s recommendation.



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    1. Jolina on 11. April 2017 at 22:23

      Exciting times! I’m sad you guys aren’t moving here but also very happy you’re off to a new adventure! Moving to a new country is – as you said – exciting and exhausting – but happily more exciting than exhausting 🙂 And these are quite lovely. We don’t usually decorate around Easter but since we’re hosting Easter lunch this year maybe we should! These would be perfect.

      • Natanja on 15. April 2017 at 14:10

        Ya we were quite sad concerning Canada. But we are also excited about Switzerland, which is definitely a great country to live in. No complaints from our side 🙂

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