Rustic Easter Candles

27 March 2020 by Natanja

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    These simple but gorgeous rustic Easter candles require minimal ingredients and are incredibly easy to make.

    Eggshell candles in egg carton, decorated with greenery and flowers

    Easter is definitely going to be different this year. There won’t be any large gatherings for elaborate brunches or even attending a church service. While our every day lives have been changed quite drastically for the time being, there is no reason why we cannot make the best of the situation and celebrate Easter nonetheless. Granted it might not be the same as we celebrate every year, but why not celebrate differently this year?

    I think with everything that is going on, there is all the more reason to make Easter extra special this year. Sure, you might not get all the ingredients for your Easter meal and you currently cannot buy any flowers or Easter decor in the stores. However, that doesn’t mean, it cannot be a great meal, with great decor, surrounded by a small circle of your loved ones.

    Closeup of the Easter candles in an egg carton decorated with wood shavings and greenery

    If you cannot get the ingredients you’d need for your typical Easter meal, why not try something completely different this year? Instead of traditional, go for something totally outside the box. Like Indian food for Easter lunch or even homemade pizza. Or you can even make it a fun challenge and try to cook up something with the pantry/ freezer ingredients you have at home! 🙂

    Holding the wicks in place with toothpicks before pouring wax into the eggshells

    To be honest I had an entirely different Easter DIY in mind for this year. That didn’t work out though because of the lockdown. I stood in front of closed decor stores and florists and felt frustrated. However, I then decided to see it as a challenge and really push myself to be even more creative this year. I already had some soy wax at home from my last candle DIY as well as some wicks. The rest I simply gathered together by using things I had in the fridge and my garden.

    I’m really happy about how these rustic Easter candles turned out and wanted to share them with you, so you hopefully feel inspired as well.

    Things needed

    For the DIY Easter candles you’ll need the following things.

    • soy wax
    • candle wicks
    • clean and dry egg shells*
    • empty egg carton
    • toothpicks
    • wood wool
    • moss, flowers or greenery of your choice

    *To easily clean out the egg, carefully cut off the tip of the egg with a serrated knife and remove the egg white and yolk. Wash the inside with warm water until it is clean. Then let the egg shells dry overnight.

    Letting the wax harden in the eggshells

    Soy wax candle wicks and wood wool can be found on Amazon. If you do not have a garden, you can forage flowers and greenery in forests or parks near you. There are already a ton of beautiful plants in bloom and might be surprised at what you find if you take a stroll through your neighbourhood or local park.

    Since the greenery isn’t kept in water, it will wilt over the course of a few days. Some plants keep well, while others wilt fairly quickly. Moss is one of the things that keeps the longest. If you want to keep your Easter candles out on display for longer, you can simply refresh the greenery from time to time with new ones.

    DIY Easter candles

    To make the candles, start by melting the wax. For this, you’ll need a double boiler. If you do not have one, you can put a heatproof bowl on top your pot. Make sure, the bowl doesn’t touch the bottom. Add water to your pot and bring it to a simmer. The steam created between the pot and bowl will cause the wax to melt. This will take about 10-15 minutes, depending on what type of wax you are using and how large the pellets are.

    In the meantime, you can prep the egg shells. Carefully break off the top part of the clean and dry eggshells, until you have removed about 1/3. Place them into the egg carton and add a wick to each. Use either special wick holders or toothpicks to keep your wicks in place. Then add the hot wax to the candles.

    Let the wax harden completely, ideally overnight. Then trim the wicks with a scissor to the desired length. Then all that is left to do, is decorate your egg carton with decorative straw, greenery of choice,.. et voila your rustic Easter candles are done! This DIY makes a beautiful and inexpensive Easter gift or centrepiece for the table.

    Eggshell candles in egg carton with daisies and moss
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    Eggshell candles in egg carton, decorated with greenery and flowers

    Rustic Easter Candles

    • Total Time: 25 minutes
    • Yield: 5 candles 1x


    These rustic Easter candles require minimal and inexpensive ingredients.


    • 250g soy wax (2 and 3/4 cups)
    • 5 candle wicks
    • 5 clean and dry egg shells
    • empty egg carton
    • toothpicks
    • wood wool
    • moss, flowers or greenery of your choice


    1. Melt the wax over a double boiler. While the wax is melting, prep your egg shells by placing them into an empty egg carton and add the wicks.
    2. Secure the wicks with special wick holders or simply with toothpicks. Once the wax is completely melted, carefully pour it into the egg shells.
    3. Let the wax harden completely, ideally overnight. Trim the wicks to the desired length. Then decorate the egg carton with wood wool, greenery of your choice,..

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